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10 July 2009

NORAM's VERTREAT™ selected by Dawson City

NORAM's proprietary VERTREAT™ biological wastewater treatment technology will be the basis of a new plant to be supplied by Corix (Vancouver, BC) for the City of Dawson and the Yukon Government.

The VERTREAT™ activated sludge design is uniquely suited to varied operating environments because of its vertical underground reactor. The small footprint of the plant allows it to be designed for restricted space configurations, and for the plant to be fully enclosed.

The VERTREAT™ process was selected for its compatibility with sustainable infrastructure principles. The key features of the VERTREAT™ design include low long-term operating costs, superior energy efficiency (~50% that of a conventional plant), and the ability to capture and treat off-gases from the reactor to mitigate against odours, allowing the plant to be sited close to populated centres.

The plant is scheduled for completion in 2011.

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