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17 September 2013

Membrane Purifiers for Europe

Membrane Reactor Technologies, an in-house centre of excellence that had its origin in the acquisition by NORAM of the technology start-up Membrane Reactor Technologies Ltd., or MRT, has continued to refine and produce novel palladium membrane designs for producing high-purity hydrogen.

A second hydrogen purifier order from a European group developing novel reformer configurations recently shipped from BC Research, NORAM's R&D facility. The purifier incorporates our patented planar palladium membrane technology, and will operate on reformate gas at temperatures up to 500°C to produce high-purity hydrogen.

NORAM is also developing novel electroless-plated, palladium-ruthenium alloy membranes for high-flux, industrial hydrogen separation applications. Six of these membranes recently shipped to a European client for demonstration testing.

These membrane units have attracted divergent interest from developers interested in integrating the modules into their own high-temperature gaseous process trains.

Purifier Assembly being prepared for shipping