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2 October 2009

Breakthrough in Ferrate Technology

Potassium ferrate (VI), or K2FeO4, is one of the most sought after, but least attainable industrial chemicals. Now pilot production has yielded the first kilogram-scale quantities of the powerful chemical oxidizer.

Batelle, the world's largest independent R&D organization, had previously shown that the material could be produced in bench-scale quantities with their proprietary process. Potassium ferrate has applications in chemical synthesis, as a biocide, and in wastewater treatment. Although environmentally benign, the challenge has always been to produce economical quantities of sufficiently pure, shelf-stable product.

Ferratec, under license from Batelle, and working closely with Electrosynthesis Company and engineering partner NORAM, has demonstrated large-scale production, and laid the groundwork for scaling up the process for the global market.

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