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1 April 2014

ECOfluid Joins NORAM Group of Companies

NORAM has acquired a majority interest in ECOfluid Systems Inc., a private BC-based provider of packaged wastewater treatment solutions.

Utilizing its patented and proprietary Upflow Sludge Blanket Filtration (USBF®) technology, ECOfluid Systems Inc. designs, builds and operates plants treating both residential and industrial wastewater. To date over 150 projects have been executed throughout Canada, the United States and the Caribbean for clients including municipalities, resorts, residential developers, and a variety of private owners. The design and simplicity of the process deliver high treatment efficiency, including nitrogen and phosphorus removal, at economical capital and operating costs.

The ECOfluid technology compliments NORAM's other wastewater technologies, including its proprietary Vertreat™ in-ground vertical bioreactor technologies, and positions NORAM to offer municipal and industrial wastewater solutions ranging in size from moderate to very large applications.

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Advanced ECOfluid BNR package plant supplied to
Joshua Tree, CA
(Parallel trains, 0.1 MGD or 300 m3/day)