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22 December 2010

Chloride Removal Technology Gains Ground

NORAM has received a third order for a Precipitator Dust Purification (PDP™) System, for implementation at a Kraft pulp mill in the US South East. Commissioning of the ion-exchange system - the second for this client - is scheduled for June, 2011.

The PDP™ technology is a joint development of Eco-Tec Ltd, FP Innovations, and NORAM. The unique ion-exchange system purges metal chlorides from the Kraft mill recovery cycle, that otherwise result in sticky deposits in the recovery boiler, and constrain overall mill production. The technology affords very high selectivity, with losses of valuable chemicals amounting to less than 4% of the total treated. A further benefit of the system is the elimination of variations in the liquor-cycle chemistry caused by periodic purging of precipitator dust. Implementation of the first two systems, commissioned in 2008 and 2010, yielded immediate benefits in chemical make-up requirements.

The focus of NORAM's Pulp and Paper Group is to deliver new technical solutions to address opportunities for improved operation of chemical, energy and environmental systems.

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