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1 October 2013

PDP™ Adoption Grows in Brazil Pulp Industry

NORAM completed shipment of its sixth Precipitator Dust Purification (PDP™) Chloride Removal system to a Brazilian Customer for installation and commissioning later this year.

This is the third PDP™ system supplied to South America, where the fast-growing pulp industry appreciates the operating features of the PDP, including the minimization of process losses, a greater tolerance of high concentrations of carbonate salts in the feed, and minimal interdependence on other mill unit operations.

The proprietary PDP™ ion-exchange system purges metal chlorides from the Kraft mill recovery cycle, that otherwise result in sticky deposits in the recovery boiler, and constrain overall mill production.

NORAM is represented in Brazil by
Ibase Ltda. Porto Alegre, RS