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Cellchem Sulfur Burners

NORAM acquired the Cellchem sulfur burner technology from Akzo Nobel of Sweden in 2013. This industry-leading sulfur dioxide (SO2) production technology was developed in the 1960's to serve the Scandinavian pulp and paper industry. Since then the technology has been installed at over 180 sites worldwide at capacities typically ranging from 0.5 to 100 MTPD sulfur burned.

A Wide Range of Applications

Building on its early success in the P&P industry, the Cellchem sulfur burner has now seen application across a wide variety of industries. Typical applications are listed below:

•  Feed to chlorine dioxide generators at pulp mills
•  Sulfite and bisulfite solutions for use in the pulp and paper, mining, and water
    treatment industries
•  SO2-water solutions (sulfurous acid) for pulp souring
•  Feed to cyanide destruction ("detox") operations at gold mines
•  Feed to juice sulfitation processes for de-colourization
•  Feed to sulfuric acid production plants

Packaged Solutions

In addition to the sulfur burners, NORAM is able to design and supply the peripheral equipment, including but not limited to, sulfur melters and storage tanks, sulfur pumps, SO2 gas quenching equipment, waste heat boilers, acidic and alkaline SO2 absorption towers, and mist elimination equipment. For capacities up to ~10 MTPD sulfur burned, the equipment can be completely modularized (i.e. skid-mounted).

For more information, please follow the NORAM International link below: