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Stainless Steel Converters. Reduced corrosion.

The NORAM converters are constructed entirely from stainless steel, which largely eliminates corrosion, while reducing maintenance requirements and extending service life.

Rapid heat-up.
The NORAM converter is constructed entirely of welded stainless steel. This eliminates the need for brick lining, thus allowing for rapid heat-up for start-up operations.

Improved overall conversion efficiency.
The use of all-welded stainless steel construction for the converter shell and catalyst support plates prevents gas bypassing between beds. Gas leakage typically occurs in cast iron catalyst bed support construction. Reduction of this leakage improves overall conversion efficiency.

Efficient catalyst bed support plate design.
The NORAM converter employs a catenary shaped, slightly-curved plate design for catalyst bed support. This is a mechanically efficient design that eliminates the requirement for bed plate support cross beams that are used in older flat plate bed support designs. The primary benefit of the curved plate design is that plate/shell stresses induced by plate expansion and contraction are minimized by the plate curvature. The plate acts as an expansion joint.

Internal hot gas exchanger.
The NORAM converter can accommodate the hot gas exchanger in the center core as an option. This eliminates the potentially troublesome external hot duct and hot duct connections between the first bed discharge and the hot gas exchanger. In designs not using the internal hot gas exchanger, NORAM uses a post and ring design to anchor the plates and minimize steel weight.