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Sulfuric Acid Concentration (SAC)

NORAM has over 20 years experience designing Sulfuric Acid Concentration units covering the full range of 10wt% to 96wt% sulfuric acid depending on the client's feed and final concentration requirements.

NORAM's proprietary SARC™, or Sulfuric Acid Reconcentration, design has found expression in units that range in size from 3 to 45 tonnes/hour of water evaporative capacity, with a current estimated total worldwide evaporative capacity of 500 tonnes/hour of water.

Treatability of Spent Acid
Many of our SARC™ units re-concentrate spent acid containing dissolved organics and/or nitro compounds. In order to determine if this acid can be recycled indefinitely, we conduct tests at our R&D facilities to ensure that the impurities in the acid do not build-up or breakdown in the system. In practice this can lead to safety concerns, as well as process issues such as foaming, tar formation, and product colour problems. We have extensive experience in designs to remove and/or recover the impurities before re-concentrating the acid.

Equipment Range
We have designed and installed both single and multiple-effect units using flash evaporation, as well as kettle and thermosyphon-type re-boilers to optimize energy consumption and minimize expensive heat transfer surface area.

Material Selection
We work with a wide range of materials suitable for SAC, including tantalum, zirconium, silicon carbide, specialty alloys, PTFE, glass, ceramics), carefully selected to match the required concentration range.