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Anodically Protected Acid Coolers. Superior Cathode Design.

NORAM acid coolers use large diameter cathodes, which minimise the voltage drop along the cathode and give more uniform passivation.

Increased Life Expectancy.
The bare NORAM cathode is easily inspected and is accessible from one of the ends of the cooler. Removal of the cathode for maintenance, however, is typically not required. NORAM expects the cathodes to be maintenance-free.

Elimination of Pin Cathodes.
Through modelling of the potential field in acid coolers, NORAM has demonstrated that pin cathodes used in conventional acid coolers can be eliminated. Under certain conditions, pin cathodes can actually shift certain zones of the acid cooler into the transpassive zone, preventing passivation and resulting in corrosion.

Compatibility with Existing Power Supply Systems.
NORAM acid coolers can be operated with NORAM power supply and control systems as well as with all other systems currently used in industry. Existing power supplies can be connected directly to the NORAM cooler without additional equipment.

Rigorous Quality Control.
Strict quality control and assurance procedures are implemented during the fabrication of each cooler to ensure that the mechanical design is executed to the highest quality standards.