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NORAM HP™ Saddle Packing. High strength and uniform shape.

NORAM HP™ packing is made through a slip casting process which produces saddles of uniform shape within a narrow range of size tolerances. Breakage during shipping and installation has typically been less than 0.1 percent.

Accurate prediction of packing volume requirements.
The uniform shape of the NORAM HP™ saddle and its extremely low breakage rate result in an accurate measure of the number of saddles required to fill an acid tower. In all applications, NORAM warrants that sufficient packing will be provided to fill the tower to the specified height.

Excellent mass transfer rates at low pressure drop.
NORAM HP™ packing is formed in the proven semi-toroidal saddle shape which provides random interlocking and uniform void space. This conventional shape has been modified to reduce pressure drop and promote mass transfer efficiency. These modifications and a slight increase in the No. 3 NORAM HP™ saddle size, relative to the standard 3" saddle, result in significantly reduced flow resistance. The height of the NORAM HP™ packing needed to achieve the necessary mass transfer efficiency remains the same as that of the conventional, lower capacity 3" saddle.

Pressure drop and mass transfer rates based on acid plant operating data.
Correlations used to predict pressure drop and mass transfer efficiencies for NORAM HP™ packing are based on data obtained from operating acid plants.

High capacity and low pressure drop.
NORAM HP™ packing has a pressure drop which is typically half of that of a conventional 3" saddle. The gas throughput in an existing acid tower can conservatively be increased by about 25 percent. NORAM HP™ packing is ideally suited to debottleneck acid towers.