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Acid Towers. State-of-the-art brick lining.

Brick lining has traditionally been used in acid towers as it withstands the widest possible range of acid concentrations should upset conditions occur. NORAM acid towers offer the state-of-the-art bricking system.

Stable dished bottom.
The bottom of the NORAM acid tower is constructed in a dished shape resulting in a very stable shape for the brick lining in comparison to traditional flat bottom tower designs.

Self-supporting dome packing support.
The NORAM acid tower offers a self-supporting ceramic dome packing support. The NORAM self-supporting dome does not require any contact with the tower floor, eliminating all load stresses and leaving the floor area free of obstruction from arches thus facilitating inspection and maintenance.

HP™ packing reduces pressure drop and increases tower capacity.
The NORAM tower is equipped with NORAM's patented CECEBE HP™ packing. The FC™ ring is also offered with the NORAM acid tower. The FC™ ring uses packing that is smaller in size than the HP™ packing to compensate for wall effects and uneven gas distribution.

SMART™ distributor provides uniform acid distribution without generating acid spray.
The SMART™ distributor is provided with NORAM acid towers.