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Alloy Towers.

In projects where tradesmen with the necessary brick-lining skills are at a premium, silicon-containing alloys often provide the best option for acid towers. NORAM offers alloy towers based on proven SX technology.

Low corrosion rates.
SX high-silicon alloy provides low corrosion rates in hot sulfuric acid over useful ranges of acid concentration, and has no requirement for anodic protection. SX alloy can also be used in the manufacture of acid coolers, acid piping, tanks, and acid distributors.

Light weight.
A key advantage of alloy towers is their light weight of construction. This facilitates lifting, and often drives the decision towards using alloy construction in replacement towers.

Reduced installation times.
Alloy materials of construction are particularly attractive to quickly replace existing towers and tanks. Large equipment such as acid towers can be assembled on site and crane-lifted in a short plant shutdown, circumventing the longer times required for brick-lining.

High performance.
Both the brick-lined, as well as the alloy NORAM acid towers are equipped with NORAM's patented HP™ low-pressure-drop packing, and SMART™ distributor to provide uniform acid distribution without generating acid spray.