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Technology Commercialization

NORAM has designed and supplied all major equipment required in a sulfuric acid plant, including sulfur furnaces, radial flow gas-gas heat exchangers, converters, drying and absorption towers, air pre-heating systems, anodically protected acid coolers and control systems, acid distributors, boiler feedwater heaters and acid tower packing.

The equipment we provide invariably affords significant performance advantages and is covered through a number of patents.

In many cases, projects start with engineering studies where NORAM uses proprietary flow-sheeting programs to specify new equipment or identify plant bottlenecks. Over 100 such studies have been completed.

Our North American client base includes the majority of sulfuric acid producers in the fertilizer, the metallurgical and acid regeneration industries. NORAM's European office serves markets outside North America. NORAM has also formed an alliance with Sedgman Limited to support the sulfuric acid industry in Australia and further afield.