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NOx Recovery

NORAM's NOx recovery technology is an integral part of NORAM's nitration vent management philosophy. It is a technology that can also be easily incorporated into existing facilities that are undergoing retrofits.

The technology is currently in operation at over a dozen world-scale nitration plants.

Process Description
The NORAM process for the recovery of NOx gases uses a patented high pressure or atmospheric pressure absorption system. NOx gases are recovered in the form of weak nitric acid, that is, at concentrations below the nitric acid-water azeotrope of 68 wt%, which is typically recycled to upstream-nitration reactors.

This proven technology reduces NOx emission to less than one kilogram per hour in industrial scale nitration facilities and has achieved NOx outlet concentrations of less than 300 ppm.

Key Features and Benefits
By avoiding the use of absorption enhancers like caustic soda, and instead relying on water alone as a feedstock, the technology drastically reduces chemical consumption costs. Furthermore, as NOx is captured as nitric acid that can be recycled to nitration, the generation of sodium nitrate/nitrite effluents requiring further treatment is eliminated. Capture as nitric acid reduces the nitration plant's net usage of nitric acid. Payback on nitric acid savings tends to be less than three years.