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Technology Commercialization

NORAM brings a number of specific technologies to bear in the areas of soil, water, and air pollution.

The technologies we developed in our role as the lead engineer for the $45 million remediation of a former chlor-alkali site at Squamish, B.C. have taken us to the forefront of treatment for heavy metal contamination, including soil stabilization. Our expertise in this area extends to mercury remediation and acid rock mine drainage (ARD).

NORAM's Skewed Gas Flow technology finds application in almost two-dozen installations worldwide. Skewed Gas is a cost-effective method for reducing particulate emissions in a wide range of electrostatic precipitator (ESP) applications. Particulate reductions of typically 50% can be achieved by CFD modeling to modify the gas flow trajectories.

More widely used is the versatile TurboScrubber® technology, a fluidized bed technology that sets new standards for addressing stack emissions in installations where packed beds, bag-houses, venturis and ESPs have been the standard. The TurboScrubber® simultaneously boosts particulate removal, heat recovery and mass transfer in a cost-effective and compact footprint.