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Chlor-alkali and Hypochlorite plants

Several of NORAM's principals have spent many years in the design and supply of chlor-alkali plants incorporating mercury, diaphragm, and membrane cell designs.

Approximately 20% of NORAM's technical staff have extensive chlor-alkali plant design and operating experience. NORAM is, therefore, able to assemble a project team widely experienced in membrane chlor-alkali technology.

NORAM has supplied the engineering and equipment for a grass-roots bleaching chemical complex in China. This plant includes membrane cell chloralkali, sodium hypochlorite, sodium chlorate, hydrochloric acid, and chlorine dioxide plants. NORAM's design for this plant was purchased by another major chlor-alkali plant supplier.

NORAM has also completed the design of chlorine drum and cylinder packaging plants in Australia and Canada, sodium hypochlorite plants, and other related projects including design of chlorine loading facilities, sodium chlorate and chlorine dioxide plants, mercury contaminated site remediation, and on-going work for CANEXUS chloralkali and sodium chlorate plants.