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World Business Review TV Series
NORAM Unveils New Environmentally Conscious Wastewater Treatment Innovations on Alexander
Haig's World Business Review TV Series.

Homer Alaska
A 2-minute video showcasing the municipal Vertreat™ plant in Homer, Alaska

Flotation Demonstration
A 3-minute video showing the flotation of biomass in a graduated cylinder.
The liquid is taken from depth in the Vertreat™ reactor at the Chevron Refinery in Burnaby, BC.
The dissolved gases come out of solution and float the biomass to the surface.

Shaft Drilling
A 2-minute video showing the drilling of the shaft for the most recent Vertreat™ installation - a
32,000 lb BOD / day facility at a dairy in California.

Casing Installation
A 5-minute video showing the installation of the casing for the Vertreat™ plant at a California dairy