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Technology Commercialization

> World's First Nanocrystalline Cellulose (NCC) Plant
> One of the World's Largest Nitrobenzene Plants
> Sulphuric Acid Plants for Ambatovy Nickel Project
> First Industrial P&P Chloride Removal

> VERTREAT™ Wastewater Treatment Plant
> Mercury Remediation
> Chlor-alkali Plant Expansion and De-bottlenecking

Mercury Remediation

Client: NEXEN Chemicals (now Canexus)
Location: Squamish, BC
Completed: 2001 to 2004

Highlights: NORAM developed a groundwater treatment for highly contaminated water and soils at the former site of a mercury-cell chlor-alkali plant site. In the new process, lignin derivatives are dissolved in mercury contaminated water to complex mercury in an exceptionally stable form of a lignin-mercury colloid. The LIGNOR-ARD™ process to treat Acid Rock Drainage was the first product to emerge from NORAM's research during the project.

Scope of work: Management of the four-year $45-million remediation project, including technology development, testing and implementation.

Project Profile: Nexen: Former Chlor-Alkali Plant, Squamish BC

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