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> World's First Nanocrystalline Cellulose (NCC) Plant
> One of the World's Largest Nitrobenzene Plants
> Sulphuric Acid Plants for Ambatovy Nickel Project
> First Industrial P&P Chloride Removal

> VERTREAT™ Wastewater Treatment Plant
> Mercury Remediation
> Chlor-alkali Plant Expansion and De-bottlenecking

First Industrial P&P Chloride Removal

Location: USA
Completed: March 2008

Highlights: High chloride concentrations at pulp mills cause recovery boiler plugging and corrosion, reduce steam generation, drive up energy costs, and result in expensive shutdowns. Together with ECO-TEC Inc., NORAM provided a novel system that selectively removes chlorides from the black liquor cycle. It employs a special amphoteric sorption resin in a modified ion exchange column, capable of removing both anions and cations simultaneously from solution. Chloride removal rates exceeding 90%, and CO3 and SO4 make-up losses of less than 4% have since been achieved at the mill.

Scope of work: Design, commissioning and start-up assistance

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